Career Opportunities in Web 3: How You Can Land Your First Web 3 Job

Andrea Castillo
Feb 19, 2024

They say Web 3 is a gold mine of opportunities. It is indeed true. Web 3 proposes a shift towards a more open, decentralized internet, which has the potential to provide both people and businesses considerable advantages and new opportunities.

Aside from commonly known ways to earn like crypto trading, NFT flipping, staking, and investing, there are other untapped opportunities in the space.

Building a career in Web 3 is one of the most rewarding ways to earn in this industry, even in a bear market because of its high demand and the niche expertise it requires. There is a wide range of technical and non-technical roles you can try in this space depending on your skills and interests, including (but not limited to):

  • Community Manager and Moderator
  • Project Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Technical Writer
  • Researcher
  • UX/UI Designer

This makes it a fascinating profession to work in and provides numerous opportunities for progression. Furthermore, job searchers may find web3 careers appealing because web3 jobs pay more relative to other industries as a whole and provide flexible work setups.

To maximize your chances of establishing a career in this fast-moving space, here are some tips that can help you land a job:

Learn the fundamentals of Web 3

To thrive in this space, it is important to understand the critical terms and jargon in Web 3. While it is helpful to read resources about Web 3 education, the best practice for honing your knowledge in Web 3 is to actually participate and be active in the industry. Join Web 3 community forums, create your own MetaMask wallet, mint your first NFT, or contribute to DAOs.

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One of the biggest factors in landing your first Web 3 job is to demonstrate your Web 3 knowledge. By doing these things, you can get a good grasp of the industry you are trying to enter. Understanding how a Web 3 product works is a big plus that will make you more eligible for the role.

Build your "Proof-of-Work"

Even if the competition may not be as competitive as it is for traditional professions, you still need to stand out. Having a strong resume and profile on LinkedIn or Twitter can significantly increase your credibility and chances of landing your dream Web 3 job. Build a case study or a work portfolio to show your proficiency in this space. For example, if you're an expert in Web 3 Marketing, back your application up with samples of marketing campaigns you made and the impact they've had on the community. Making a quick deck outlining your proposal  can help the recruiter understand what you want to gain out of the job more and what you can offer to the table.

Expand your connections

You can gain numerous connections in Web 3 by joining Discord communities, participating in NFT projects, attending Web 3 hackathons and conferences, joining Twitter spaces, and joining a DAO. These connections may open opportunities for you to strengthen and accelerate your career in Web 3. 

Leverage your Web 2 skills 

Highlight achievements from your previous Web 2 roles with quantitative metrics. This gives the recruiter more reassurance that you are skilled and professional. Emphasize how you solved complex problems in your previous career and how you can contribute these learnings to Web 3 developments. 


Overall, the Web 3 space is still new and professionals are given opportunities for continued growth and career advancements, which keeps things fresh and challenging. However, to thrive and stay long in this space, one must genuinely believe in the technology itself and Web 3 as a whole. So educate yourself and get exposed to the Web 3 scene before making that career shift. 

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Andrea Castillo
Freelance Web 3 Content Writer and SMM

Andrea Castillo was a freelance Web 2 marketer before she got introduced to NFTs and Web 3. Earlier this year, she positioned herself in the Web 3 scene as a freelance content writer and SMM for DeFi companies. She’s sharpening her knowledge in the space every day by consuming everything crypto and Web 3.

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