Hamster Kombat's User Base Surges to 239 Million in Only 81 Days

Sean Millare
Jul 8, 2024

In just over 3 months, Hamster Kombat, a game on Telegram that allows players to earn money, has attracted 239 million users. 

According to Telegram founder Pavel Durov, the explosive popularity of Hamster Kombat and the anticipated token launch on the TON blockchain could bring Web3 to hundreds of millions of new users.

Addressing his 2.7 million Telegram channel subscribers, Pavel Durov emphasized the booming success of Hamster Kombat. The viral clicker game, launched in March 2024, has already drawn in more than 200 million players.

Source: Hamster Kombat

Highlighting Hamster Kombat’s rapid ascent, Telegram founder Pavel Durov revealed that the game reached 100 million monthly users within 73 days. The app is gaining 4-5 million new users daily, making it one of the fastest-growing digital services in the world.

Excitement Builds for Hamster Kombat's July 2024 Token Launch

Source: Hamster Kombat

Anticipation is mounting for Hamster Kombat’s much-anticipated token airdrop. The project’s roadmap indicates that the on-chain infrastructure and in-game wallet were successfully implemented in June 2024. Players can now link their TON wallets in the game, enabling seamless blockchain rewards.

Hamster Kombat’s gameplay focuses on earning coins and increasing profit per hour through clicks, subscriptions, and smart investments. The straightforward clicking mechanism, reminiscent of classic clicker games, is enhanced by opportunities to earn through subscribing to channels and recruiting new players. Additionally, the game’s investment feature allows players to participate in a virtual stock market with their hamsters.

Join the Elite: Hamster Kombat Launches 'The Creator' Level

Source: Hamster Kombat announcement on X

Following a recent post by Telegram founder Pavel Durov, Hamster Kombat has announced the addition of a final level for players' Hamster avatars to reach. The newly introduced 'Creator' level requires players to accumulate 18 billion in-game coins, setting a challenging new milestone in the game.This new milestone not only sets a challenging benchmark for dedicated gamers but also underscores the game's evolving complexity and engagement. 

Durov's endorsement of Hamster Kombat, which has already captivated millions of users, highlights the game's potential to drive further mass adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming community. Players are encouraged to closely follow the leaderboard as they strive to reach this prestigious new level.

Sean Millare

Sean, a skilled writer, gamer, trader, and investor, with a passion for all things web3. With a practical touch, he sheds light on the evolving crypto scene, helping readers grasp blockchain intricacies and make savvy decisions in decentralized finance.

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