Learn Crypto the Easy Way: Bitskwela Partners With GCash to Bring Crypto Education to the Everyday Filipino

Feb 19, 2024

Bitskwela is excited to announce its partnership with GCash, the top e-wallet in the Philippines, boasting an astounding 76 million registered users and 4.5 million partner merchants as of 2023. GCash provides a broad array of financial and lifestyle services, including bill payments, instant money transfers, online remittances, and online banking options.

In line with their vision for the Philippines, GCash aims to democratize access to financial services and eliminate barriers to entry for Filipinos, empowering them to lead better lives.

At Bitskwela, we share a similar mission and are committed to making crypto education easy and accessible.

Bitskwela will collaborate closely with GCash through educational initiatives focused on educating GCash users and newcomers about crypto via the GCash app's new feature – GCrypto.

"This partnership, for me, is a testament to what we're doing for crypto education here in the Philippines. With GCash, Bitskwela will be able to teach 76M+ Filipinos about Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto - which I think is amazing." - Jiro Reyes, Chief Executive Officer of Bitskwela

Bitskwela plans to roll out a variety of educational resources, including articles, newsletters, interactive modules, and both online and offline events, all tailored to be beginner-friendly for the everyday GCash user.

GCrypto event by GCash featuring crypto education company Bitskwela

"The first time I saw Bitskwela was during a Globe event and they were conducting Crypto 101s to an audience almost 2x their age. They explained Crypto so simple and loved their delivery. This is why we partnered with Bitskwela. They did a fantastic job in our recent company events and we are organizing our first big event together this coming month. The team is very flexible and driven to deliver great outputs on time and in full. Looking forward in creating new initiatives with this group in the Web3 space." - Mark Nunez, GCrypto Senior Head for Partnerships

Kaya mo. I-GCash mo.

See you soon, mga Ka-Bit!

Education Company

Bitskwela is a Filipino-led edutech platform that strives to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education accessible to all Filipinos of any ethnicity.

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