Router Protocol's Driver of Ecosystem Growth for Asia Joins Bitskwela as Advisor and Board Member

Feb 19, 2024

Bitskwela is Excited to Announce the Newest Addition to Our Team.

Bitskwela proudly introduces Darlene Torres as our advisor and board member.

Torres is currently driving strategic efforts for Router Protocol's ecosystem growth in the field of blockchain interoperability.

Additionally, she works closely with the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) Crypto Center, which facilitates the licensing and trade of commodities such as gold, diamonds, and blockchain in Dubai. DMCC host over 500 crypto businesses and are continuously expanding. Furthermore, they have introduced a gaming ecosystem to meet the increasing demand in the gaming industry, contributing to ten percent of the UAE's gross domestic product over the recent years.

Torres is known as a proponent of blockchain education, working to make the technology simpler to comprehend, safe and secure for SMEs and large organizations in the MENA region to adopt. Her primary focus is the use of up-to-date blockchain architecture.

As one of the earliest adopters of blockchain and cryptocurrency, she is also a trusted advisor of industry leaders due to her vast knowledge and rational and informed approach.

Part of her volunteer work was serving as an advisor to the ASEAN Youth Leaders Association Indonesia (AYLA-ID) back in April 2016, and has been a known advocate of economic empowerment, self-reliance and youth leadership in Southeast Asia from the age of 18. She started pursuing the field of entrepreneurship at 16 years old.

Achieving great success in her early twenties and having no formal education since grade one, Torres has crafted a different path without going through the traditional educational system.

She is now comfortably paying it forward by imparting her knowledge to various multi-national communities and promoting inclusivity in Web 3, and placing reliable blockchain infrastructure within everyone's reach with Router Protocol.

"We're excited to have Ms. Darlene Torres with us in Bitskwela. Aside from Torres' extensive reach in the space, her unique experience as a Web3 builder outside the Philippines will be invaluable to us at Bitskwela in providing real education to the masses." - Jiro Reyes, CEO of Bitskwela

Outside these efforts, she stays physically active, meditating and enjoying her time with family in Dubai, which is also home to the Router Protocol team hacker house.

How Can Darlene Help Bitskwela?

Darlene is purpose-driven, humble, and dedicated to helping 130 million Filipinos own a piece of the internet, starting with Bitcoin. She will act as a friend, mentor, and advisor to the Bitskwela team and assist the company in research, access to blockchain developers, and strategic funds. As Bitskwela's advisor, she is equipped to position Bitskwela to keep growing and expanding our reach in achieving crypto education.

Education Company

Bitskwela is a Filipino-led edutech platform that strives to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education accessible to all Filipinos of any ethnicity.

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