2024 Coinstore Premier Brand Conference to Connect Web3 Leaders in Dubai

Lorenzo Dela Luna
Apr 11, 2024

Coinstore aims to carry out the event that caters to different individuals from various web3 industries, providing value to them brought by numerous agendas. The Coinstore Premier Brand Conference will be held on the 17th of April, at the Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah and will be accompanied by segments of events in the 2024 Coinstore Dubai Expedition.

In the brand conference, Coinstore will proudly announce the launch of the IEO 2.0 product. The company aims to underscore the innovative and optimistic projects it has in store, listing promising tokens that can potentially maximize their users’ profits.

Being three years in the industry, Coinstore managed to achieve milestones and continues to work for improvement, thus announcing its Launchpad program that enables the listing for secure and highly qualified projects for the users. To date, projects under the Launchpad have attained an average oversubscription rate of 3622.87%. Furthermore, the best-performing project, SOIT, was able to yield an outstanding 27.75x all time high return, other than CNT’s 26.05x and INVT’s 22.52x all time high investment returns. Because of these, the IEO 2.0 products will provide more promising and valuable projects, continuously creating history in the web3 industry.

Other than the promising projects the IEO 2.0 product has in store, Coinstore will also be announcing its brand ambassador recruitment program to increase the brand’s reach using well-known web3 industry key opinion leaders (KOLs). This strategy is valuable for Coinstore’s development, having 400 KOLs to showcase the company in their livestreams.

Co-hosts ICP, Infinity Ventures, and BTC Security Labs, with attendance of  KOLs, investors, numerous partners, and 500 web3 entrepreneurs will gather, bringing up new insights and unique perspectives regarding web3’s current trends, Bitcoin’s ecosystem, and the opportunities in the industry. The event will also be broadcasted and covered by 100 media platforms globally.

About Coinstore

Coinstore, since its establishment in 2020, has garnered over 700 project teams and has listed over 750 trading pairs. The exchange has shown huge performance, providing service to over 7 million registered users, and having over 150,000 active users daily being able to cover 175 countries and regions.

Behind their success lies within putting importance for talent and compliance development. With them having established 13 international operation centers in different countries, Coinstore has become a large organization employing 200 employees from all over the world.

With their easy-to-use platform aiming to provide safety and efficiency, it is no question why the exchange is one of the leading in the industry. Their values regarding long-term business is seen in their operations, impacting the blockchain space to make web3 a tool for a fairer world.

More Information: https://ibb.co/vq7mNGH

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