5 Centralized Exchanges for Your Digital Assets

Lorenzo Dela Luna
Apr 16, 2024

Looking for exchanges to safely purchase, and swiftly transact cryptocurrencies with? This list will give you 5 reliable centralized exchanges (CEXs) to use for your digital assets. From efficiency, to reliable security, there’s no need to wonder why these CEXs are leading in the crypto exchange industry.


Topping the list with Bitget, the largest and pioneering copy trading platform in the crypto industry. Established in 2018, Bitget is one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, growing continuously with their cutting-edge technology serving over 25 million users from more than 100 countries and regions. Given their secure and reliable platform, investors need not to worry about their assets’ safety.

Bitget has currently stepped up their security, incurring a fund valuation of an average of $577 million for user asset security that aims for a 1:1 reserve ratio for every user’s assets, and has established relations with entities such as Slowmist and Certik for security measures. Bitget has also invested $300 million for their Protection Fund, adding an additional layer of protection for users’ assets. With its copy trading feature, Bitget aims to help its users trade and invest smarter. The exchange, being able to cater to more than 100 blockchains, offers numerous investment tools and products such as swap trading, staking, copy trading, futures, the exchange’s Launchpad, and more. With millions of registered accounts and active users, backed by their Protection Fund and Proof of Reserves, it is no doubt that Bitget serves as one of the most reliable exchanges in digital asset transactions.


Crypto.com is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally. The exchange is known for its easy-to-use features, and is used for numerous investing purposes. Investing is made convenient, easy, and efficient for over 80 million users who wish to purchase or sell their digital assets in a snap. The exchange is also known for its user-friendly interface, providing a seamless use of the platform. In terms of security, Crypto.com also offers purchasing options for 20+ fiat currencies with Apple or Google Pay. The exchange, serving in 90 countries with their user-friendly and safe measures, makes it one of the leading exchanges in the crypto space.


Coins.ph, being found in 2014, stands as one of the pioneering cryptocurrency exchanges in the Philippines. It is one of the leading platforms used by Filipinos for their transactions, with 16 million registered users. The platform allows its users to purchase digital assets using Peso, being very convenient for Filipino investors. Regulated by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the first ever crypto-based company in Asia continues to serve millions of active users with its user-friendly features. Coin.ph’s credibility, safety, and convenience leaves no question for the number of users it continues to serve.


KuCoin is an exchange that branches its platform to over 180 countries, one of which includes the Philippines. Their spot and P2P options make it viable for Filipino investors. KuCoin’s platform offers a wide variety of options such as spot trading, KCS Staking, KuCoin Earn, and many more. Asset safety and security won’t be a problem when using KuCoin, as the platform consists of a design that rapidly detects cyber attacks, amplified by their industry-leading encryption and storage systems.


PDAX is the leading homegrown digital asset exchange in the Philippines. The exchange is UnionBank’s crypto partner, adding more to its credibility after being licensed by the BSP. With the company’s aim to serve convenience and accessibility to its users, PDAX maintains its position as one of the top-notch cryptocurrency exchanges founded in the Philippines. The exchange aims to provide Filipinos with efficient trading with minimal fees with their direct conversion to Philippine Peso. From accessible crypto transactions, to PDAX’s minimal fees, it is certain that the exchange is one of the most viable cryptocurrency exchanges for Filipino use.

It is a given that all these centralized cryptocurrency exchanges aim to provide its users with an exceptional experience, although it is important for an individual to determine one’s preferences. From firm security and safety measures, to almost-instant and swift digital asset transactions, one should decide on an exchange that fits to their liking.

Lorenzo Dela Luna

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