BitDigest Partners with Web3 Bacolod to Web3 Literacy

Sean Millare
Jun 5, 2024

BitDigest, the leading media outlet for cutting-edge news, insights, and case studies on Web3, has announced a strategic partnership with Web3 Bacolod, a vibrant community of builders, educators, startups, developers, traders, gamers, artists, and enthusiasts in Bacolod City and the Negros Occidental province.

This collaboration aims to significantly enhance the region’s exposure to Web3 technologies through consistent educational initiatives and awareness campaigns. By hosting a series of Web3 events in Bacolod City, the partnership seeks to promote the massive adoption of Web3, empowering local communities and fostering a deeper understanding of decentralized technologies.

"With Bitdigest's partnership, it would help boost Web3 Bacolod's exposure towards onboarding more Web2 people into Web3 in Bacolod City through consistent education and awareness and hosting various Web3 events in the city to promote massive adoption.” - Jeff Caceres, Founder of Web3 Bacolod

He further stated, “As one of the leading crypto and Web3-focused media websites in the Philippines, Bitdigest will be a big help for the city of Bacolod to let all of the citizens aware of Web3 Bacolod's aim to be one of the go-to Web3 hubs in the Philippines through their initiatives."

Through this concerted effort, BitDigest and Web3 Bacolod are not merely introducing innovative technologies to the region; they are laying the groundwork for a sustainable ecosystem where local communities are empowered to leverage Web3 for growth and advancement. This initiative is expected to spark a significant shift towards decentralized technologies, enabling residents of Bacolod City and Negros Occidental to become active participants in the global Web3 movement.

Crypto and Web3 Aficionados at 4th Solana Call IRL Watch Party | Source: Web3 Bacolod

Recently, Web3 Bacolod spearheaded the arrangement of the 4th Solana Ecosystem Call IRL Watch Party in Bacolod City. The event took place at Greenoz Pizzaria Lacson in the City of Smiles, where attendees enjoyed a playback of the May ecosystem call by SuperteamDAO. The gathering also featured a community AMA session, allowing the audience to ask questions related to crypto and Web3 to the panel of speakers.

Sean Millare

Sean, a skilled writer, gamer, trader, and investor, with a passion for all things web3. With a practical touch, he sheds light on the evolving crypto scene, helping readers grasp blockchain intricacies and make savvy decisions in decentralized finance.

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