Blockchain Student Alliance Partners With Bitget As They Visit DLSU For Web3 Education

Clyde Marcel Melgar
Apr 12, 2024

Cryptocurrency and Web3, being a new and speculative industry, poses a lot of misconceptions and misinformation which hinders its growth. Its speculative nature has prompted educational institutions to be wary when integrating into their curriculum. However, there has been an increased amount of efforts being placed into challenging the status quo of Web3 education.

The Blockchain Student Alliance aims to encourage Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain education for academic institutions within the Philippines. Previously on March 23, the Blockchain Student Alliance had its Web3 caravan make a stop in De La Salle University for a Web3 seminar. Supported by Bitget, they discussed the fundamentals of Web3 and the opportunities it has to offer to crypto-curious students.

The event was led by two prominent Web3 leaders who covered different aspects of Crypto. Chris Rodil, a Business Development Manager at Bitget, taught participants the fundamentals of blockchain technology and how cryptocurrency functions in the real world.  Jen Bilango, the Country Manager of, also shared her experiences and insight on Cryptocurrency and its impact on the financial world. Their combined expertise contributed to the success of the event as they enlightened student participants to unique insights and perspectives on how Web3, crypto, and blockchain technology is shaping the world’s future.

Bitget also looks to strengthen its advocacy to ensure quality Web3 education in academic institutions. Blockchain4Youth is a Bitget initiative that aims to inspire, adopt, and embrace Web3 and Cryptocurrency in the youth, particularly in Gen-Zs and Millenials. This initiative looks to further drive the future of Web3 adoption by nurturing the current generation to be equipped with the knowledge and passion for Web3.

Both the Blockchain Student Alliance and Bitget successfully conducted the event and achieved their agenda on providing further knowledge to crypto-curious students. These two entities believe in equipping students with sufficient crypto and blockchain knowledge to be the next generation of Web3 leaders. Empowering students to be crypto-curious through the cultivation of Web3 education for academic institutions.

Clyde Marcel Melgar
Web3 Content Writer

Clyde, a Web3 Writer with an obsession to analyzing the cryptocurrency market. Growth and strategy builder for all things Web3 content creation.

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