Ethereum Home Staking 101: Highlights from the Lido Workshop Event

Andrea Castillo
Jun 12, 2024

On 18th May 2024, powered by the Lido Community Staking Fleet, the Lido Workshop event took place in Rockwell, Makati, drawing a diverse crowd eager to learn about Ethereum home staking. The event saw a great turnout with a total of 85 sign-ups and 38 attendees. Organized by Bitskwela and supported by Stakesaurus, the Blockchain Council of the Philippines, and DeFi Philippines, the workshop aimed to simplify complex technical concepts for all participants. 

The event featured a lineup of expert guest speakers and panelists, including Samuel Chong of Stakesaurus, Darlene Torres of Bitskwela and Router Protocol, Luis Buenaventura of GCash, Paolo Dioquino of Pendle, and Paul Soliman of Hacktiv and Bayanichain. 

Helping Beginners Become Home Stakers:

Lido is a liquid staking solution that allows users to stake their cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) while maintaining liquidity. Lido’s solution addresses the liquidity challenges of traditional staking by providing users with tokenized versions of their staked assets, enabling them to participate in other DeFi activities while earning staking rewards. 

The recently held Lido workshop was designed for participants to understand even without any technical background in Ethereum Home Staking. Participants learned the basics of running an ETH validator at home, including the role validators play in maintaining the Ethereum network and the benefits of home staking. 

The event commenced with an engaging and insightful opening address by Bitskwela CEO Jiro Reyes, setting the tone for the day's activities and highlighting the importance of understanding Ethereum home staking.

Samuel Chong, aka Stakesaurus a Lido Community Lifeguard, initiated the first part of the workshop. He provided an in-depth explanation of Lido and the principles of home staking, setting a strong foundation for the participants.

The workshop also explored the latest developments and emerging opportunities for ETH home stakers, such as potential airdrops (e.g., Diva Staking, Starknet, Omni), hardware grants, improving capital efficiency with bonded validators (e.g., Lido Community Staking Module), and how node operations is a highly monetizable skill set in overall. 

One of the most exciting parts was the hands-on session, where participants were shown how to practice setting up a validator node for free, ensuring they could begin their own home staking journey.  

As Bitskwela is a contributor of the Lido Community Staking Fleet Initiative, the Lido Community Staking Contributors have prepared exclusive Galxe OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) and points exclusively for the Bitskwela community and workshop attendees. These OATs serve to identify active members who have committed to learning how to run an ETH validator node, enabling the distribution of potential perks in the future. 

Some examples of these perks include Exclusive Lido x Bitskwela merchandise and access to the Early Adoption Period for the Lido Community Staking Module (CSM).

Readers who want to keep up to date on the latest developments around the Lido CSM can follow the instructions put together by Stakesaurus here.

To conclude the workshop, Darlene Torres, Luis Buenaventura, Paolo Dioquino, and Paul Soliman engaged in a discussion about simplifying ETH Home Staking for the Filipino audience, sharing their past experiences and expectations regarding staking Ethereum, and addressing common misconceptions about running ETH validator nodes.

Overall, the Lido Workshop was a big success. It gave participants the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start their own home staking journey. As cryptocurrency continues to grow, events like this help educate and empower people to get involved.

Stay tuned for more exciting events from Bitskwela and its partners!


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Andrea Castillo
Freelance Web 3 Content Writer and SMM

Andrea Castillo was a freelance Web 2 marketer before she got introduced to NFTs and Web 3. Earlier this year, she positioned herself in the Web 3 scene as a freelance content writer and SMM for DeFi companies. She’s sharpening her knowledge in the space every day by consuming everything crypto and Web 3.

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