Hong Kong on track to approve First Spot Bitcoin ETFs In April

Sean Millare
Apr 13, 2024

Hong Kong plans to launch spot bitcoin ETFs this month, with initial approvals anticipated next week. This move positions Hong Kong as an Asian frontrunner, exceeding industry expectations for ETF launches.

Notably, regulators have expedited the approval process, indicating a proactive approach to financial innovation.

Hong Kong's allure as a global financial hub has faced challenges amid pandemic-related restrictions, China's economic slowdown, and tensions between China and the United States. In response, Hong Kong authorities are striving to enhance the city's appeal for financial trading activities.

Adrian Wang, CEO of Metalpha, a prominent crypto wealth management firm based in Hong Kong, underscored the significant impact of Hong Kong ETFs, noting their potential to attract fresh global investments and elevate crypto adoption to new heights.

The introduction of these investment products could potentially unleash a demand of up to $25 billion from Chinese investors through the Southbound Stock Connect program, facilitated by Singapore-based crypto services provider Matrixport. This program enables eligible mainland Chinese investors to access shares listed in Hong Kong, facilitating substantial transactions annually.

According to a report from Matrixport, the potential approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs listed in Hong Kong could attract billions in capital. Mainland investors are expected to leverage the Southbound Connect program, enabling transactions of up to 500 billion RMB annually. 

This development comes on the heels of the successful launch of the first U.S.-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tracking spot bitcoin in January. The U.S. ETFs drew approximately $12 billion in net inflows, propelling bitcoin to record highs exceeding $73,000, as indicated by data from BitMEX research.

Sean Millare

Sean, a skilled writer, gamer, trader, and investor, with a passion for all things web3. With a practical touch, he sheds light on the evolving crypto scene, helping readers grasp blockchain intricacies and make savvy decisions in decentralized finance.

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