Tether and Coins.ph Partner for Blockchain Education Initiative in the Philippines

Sean Millare
Apr 13, 2024

Tether Operations Limited Inc. and Coins.ph have forged a partnership to advance financial literacy in the Philippines, with a primary focus on blockchain technology, bitcoin, and stablecoins.

The partnership marks an extension of Tether educational efforts beyond borders. It follows Tether's successful groundwork in various regions worldwide, including Thailand, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Africa, where similar educational initiatives have been undertaken to enhance awareness and comprehension of blockchain technology and stablecoins.

Through an array of workshops, online campaigns, and quizzes, the collaboration seeks to heighten awareness and understanding of digital assets among Filipinos. Notably, stablecoins like Tether (USDT), renowned for their stability, serve as a reliable asset for various financial transactions, including trading and remittances, adding significant value to the digital economy of the Philippines.

Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, has voiced optimism regarding the Philippines' potential for embracing digital assets. He underscored the collaboration's core aim of providing Filipinos with the necessary resources to navigate the intricate landscape of blockchain technologies. In a statement, Ardoino highlighted, "The Philippines is a nation brimming with potential for digital asset adoption."

Wei Zhou, CEO of Coins.ph, highlighted the pivotal role of the partnership in equipping Filipinos with vital knowledge to engage in the burgeoning digital asset economy. 

The primary focus will revolve around leveraging stablecoins like USDT for cross-border payments and remittances, aligning seamlessly with Coins.ph's overarching mission to enhance financial accessibility in the Philippines.

Targeting various segments of Filipino society, the educational programs are designed to cater to finance experts, Overseas Filipino Workers, pawnshop owners, and individuals interested in learning about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency.

Sean Millare

Sean, a skilled writer, gamer, trader, and investor, with a passion for all things web3. With a practical touch, he sheds light on the evolving crypto scene, helping readers grasp blockchain intricacies and make savvy decisions in decentralized finance.

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