The Open Summit: A Game-Changer for Asia's Web3 Landscape as the Leading TON Event of the Summer

Sean Millare
Jul 6, 2024

The Open Summit, the largest TON summit of the summer, is anticipated to be a significant event for the global TON community. Supported by TONX and the global TON community, the summit will be held from August 6-8, 2024 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center TaiNEX2, as a part of ABS2024. As the leading partner of TON, TONX plays a crucial role in helping developers scale applications for the future using Telegram and TON.

The upcoming summit, titled "TON Summer", will showcase significant revelations from the TON community. Taipei is the perfect location for The Open Summit due to its lively TON and Telegram community in the APAC region. Attendees can anticipate updates on the TON ecosystem from notable keynote speakers such as Steve Yun, TON Foundation's President, David Mak, Catizen's CEO, Dr. Awesome Doge, TONX's Co-Founder, Jeff Ren from OKX Ventures, and other prominent figures within the TON community.

With a user base of more than 900 million, Telegram has been referred to as the driving force behind cryptocurrency adoption. In February 2024, the popular application introduced its revenue-sharing program for channel owners, which led to a significant increase in activity on TON and opened up new possibilities for developers to participate in the rapidly expanding ecosystem. Attendees of the Open Summit will have the opportunity to join sessions that offer practical skills and resources for utilizing the synergy between Telegram and TON in their own projects. They will also gain knowledge on developing Mini Apps and promotional strategies to tap into Telegram's extensive user network.

The Code Summer Hackathon offers participants a chance to enter the TONX Accelerator and compete for a prize pool of $5,000,000.

The Code Summer Hackathon, which spans three days, presents a chance for participants to compete for a portion of a prize pool worth $500,000. Inspired by the success of the TON Hacker House in Hong Kong, this year's hackathon will have a summer theme and will feature Tiki bars, beach chairs, and exclusive surprises branded by Telegram. The winners will also be given the chance to join the TONX Accelerator, which has a prize pool of $5,000,000. Teams can register for the event at Hackathon Application.

According to Dr. Awesome Doge, one of the Co-Founders of TONX, the purpose of the Open Summit is to provide the Web3 community with the networking opportunities needed to effectively develop on Telegram and TON. The Open Summit serves as a hub for developers, investors, and entrepreneurs who don't want to overlook the latest advancements in the TON community.

With the anticipation of a promising future for the Telegram and TON community, The Open Summit in Taipei is a highly recommended event for those looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced development of Web3 mass adoption.

The Open Summit: An Overview

The upcoming Open Summit, scheduled for August 6-8, 2024, is expected to be a groundbreaking occasion for the worldwide TON community. With a variety of presentations and hackathons, it has been deemed as the biggest TON summit of the summer. Organized by TONX and aided by TON, this summit is anticipated to be a major event for the TON community.

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TONX Overview

TONX serves as the foundation for enabling developers to expand their applications using Telegram and TON. As the first collaborator of TON, TONX provides a transparent platform that brings together developers, investors, and users to shape the emerging economy. In 2024, their highly-regarded TON Hacker House sparked a surge of ground-breaking Web3 ventures. TonFura, a crucial offering of TONX, is the main driving force behind the vast Web3 SuperApp ecosystem with 900 million users.

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