Web3 Leader Spotlight of the Day: George Asibal

Apr 15, 2024

Introducing Geogre Asibal, the Founder of ZeeFreaks Tribe, a community with a purpose to become the home for a new generation of wealth builders. ZFT focuses on different markets from Philippine Stocks, US Stocks, and Cryptocurrency. George Asibal, with his humble beginnings in his previous experience in the Hospitality industry, rose to become a Web3 leader who braved through the cryptocurrency market no matter the conditions and contributed greatly to the growth of his members in his community.

Can you give us a background of what you do?

I'm mainly a digital asset manager and liquidity provider in various crypto projects. I advise crypto projects that I'm interested in regarding their liquidity and sometimes provide my market making services. I also teach and mentor people when it comes to trading and crypto investing in our training company and community, ZFT and Trading Republic.

What made you interested in Web3?

To be honest, it's the dank memes and the community. Second is the money. Third is the tech.

How is working/building in Web3 different from other industries?

Here's what I've observed…

In Web2 and the usual industries, you present a product, and people who want or need it will buy it. In Web3, you present a product, people ape into it, and then ask you everyday why you haven't made them rich yet.

What’s your proudest achievement in Web3?

Weathered through the Solana sh*tstorm since 2022 and still here while others are just coming out now that it's a bull market.

If there’s something you would like to change in your Web3 journey, what would it be?

Nothing. All that I've experienced was necessary for my growth. I'm Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In My Lane. Focused. Flourishing.

What’s the biggest problem that you think Web3 can solve?

Un-gated access to products and services that a lot of traditional businesses have monopolized for years.

What’s your BTC price prediction in 2030?

I don't do predictions. I don't want to be stressed with something I cannot control. I follow trends and my trading system. If my system tells me to buy, I buy. If it tells me to sell, I sell.

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