BitDigest Welcomes Media Expert Jayvee Fernandez As An Adviser

Clyde Marcel Melgar
Apr 9, 2024

BitDigest has proudly announced their newest adviser: Jayvee Fernandez, a media practitioner for the past 20 years. Jayvee Fernandez is a PhilStar Tech editor, Chief Marketing Officer of Anito Legends, and a Multiverse head with two decades of experience under his belt for both content, public relations, and digital marketing. His role as an adviser to BitDigest aims to steer BitDigest to actualize its potential to be a credible, reliable, and reputable Web3 publication.

Before his interest in Web3, Jayvee was most active in the mid to late 2000’s as one of the first persons to help bloggers in Web2 monetize their passions. He set up a company called Blog Bank where they were able to turn blogs into mainstream sources of information during a time when traditional blogs were hesitant to trust the Internet for sources of credible information. His work was aimed towards making blogs highly relevant and influential, similar to social media today.

During the pandemic, Jayvee took an interest into Web3 as he was introduced to the Axie Infinity, a Web3 game that took the Philippines by storm in 2020. While being curious about Web3, his paths crossed with James Chua and Jed Cruz, who are experts in Web3 game development. They then proceeded to collaborate and build Anito Legends, a Web3 game, with James Chua as the Chief Executive Officer, Jed Cruz as the Chief Creative Officer, and Jayvee Fernandez as Chief Marketing Officer himself. 

Jayvee believes that Web3 is able to solve numerous problems in the Philippines. He believes, with the help of BitDigest, that the stigma surrounding Web3 and Cryptocurrency can be absolved with providing true, accessible, and easily digestible Web3 news to the masses. His virtue of not holding a monopoly on truth enables BitDigest to empower and equip its readers with Web3 news and content that is friendly to both Web3 experts and curious novices.

Clyde Marcel Melgar
Web3 Content Writer

Clyde, a Web3 Writer with an obsession to analyzing the cryptocurrency market. Growth and strategy builder for all things Web3 content creation.

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